Polish National Award for the Earth project!

Dear Kids and parents!
It is a long time since we had a great fun with our "Let`s give a breath to Earth" project. We believe that you still remember your Polish friends and wonderful common adventure for the protection of environment.
We would like to share a great news today!
The project is a runner-up of Polish National Awards 2010 in category of 3-6 years old!
In such a way the Polish Team adds a sign of recognition from Polish authorities towards the value of our common unforgettable work!
Many hugs to you all!


Our project on TV!!!

On 26/3/2010 the digital greek national television presented our project! Me and seven of the last year's children talked about our collaboration and remembered beautiful moments! It was really nice to see how we still remember all the things we did last year and our beloved friends from Poland and UK!
You can see the presentation here: http://www.ertdigital.gr/video-gr.php?channel=5&id=308


Project in a Polish competition for an eTwinning web page

Here in Poland we take part in a simmilar competition as our Greek friends received a second place for a blog.
Our blog displays four of projects we were doing past 5 years of eTwinning, so then it is a great part for "Let`s give a breath to Earth" as well.

The blog, called PrzedszkoleTwinning, available in Polish language version is available on: www.przedszkoletwinning.blogspot.com .
Fingers crossed! We should add at least one great Award from Poland to the common collection:)Bye!


Another prize for our project!

Although our project is officially over, we have been awarded  with another prize! It's a prize which was given from the Greek Ministry of Education!  They awarded the most innovative projects the last 5 years!
Congratulations to all for once again!!!


Our project in the 4rth Pan-Hellenic Symposium

In 22-24 January 2010, the 4rth Pan-Hellenic Symposium of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage will be held on Athens, Greece, with main theme "Sustainable school of present and future". In this sumposium we are going to present our project. Here you can see our poster.We are really proud!!!!


Do not forget: VOTE EARTH!

"Earth Hour has done a lot to raise awareness of climate change issues. But there’s more to it than switching off lights for one hour once a year. It’s all about giving people a voice on the future of our planet, and the chance to send a message of hope to world leaders".
All of us, kids and adults, can vote by making a paper latern with a personal message to world leaders and send it to Copenhagen for the UN Climate Conference. In this way we can tell them why we want them to do something about global warming.
As it can be difficult to send it in time, your family can also make a virtual lattern which will be treated as your voice for the planet.
It’s fun, it’s creative and it lets kids have their say on the planet they’ll inherit.
The first latern is already done! Here you can see Marta`s one:

To make your own virtual latern - visit: http://www.earthhour.org/kids/MakeALantern.aspx

Organisers remind you: "As long as there is Earth, there will be Earth Hour! It’s held each year on the last Saturday in March. Which means the next Earth Hour event will be Saturday 27 March 2010. Mark it on your calendar now!"

Do not forget: VOTE EARTH!


We are in Top50 of eLearning Awards!

Dear Kids of project, Parents and Friends!
We are very happy to tell you that our "Let`s give a breath to Earth' project is shortlisted in Top 50 of this year eLearning Awards!
The eLearning Awards are organised by European Schoolnet (a network of 31 Ministries of Education) for that to acknowledge and highlight teachers and schools’ best practices in the pedagogical use of ICT.
A prize-giving ceremony for top 10 projects was held on 26-27 November 2009 in Vilnius, Lithuania. For more information, and the list of winners you can search: www.elearningawards.eun.org (pres and news)

Even we are not in Top 10, we enjoy the success!
We can call Top 50 achievement a success, my dear!


Our Project Helps England Get Another Award!

Southwater Infant School has just been awarded the International School Award! This is an award presented by the British Council to schools that have shown excellent international work. One of the activities that helped us to get the award was our project, Let's Give a Breath to Earth. Thankyou to everyone for helping us! This award is for you too!!


Poland plays and learns with Elements of Nature

Dear friends!
It was so sad for us to finish our eTwinning collaboration with "Let`s give a breath to Earth" that we decided to continue our exceptional work with a project for whole kindergarten kids!

We use main of the project ideas and many of its resources devided into four parts like in four elements of nature. So this year 165 children work with the project, which we called "Eko Żywioły" (what means: Eco Elements of Nature).
With a greatest pleasure we invite you to frequently visit our polish web page:

Many hugs! We wouldn`t do that without you all!