Merry Christmas, everyone!

Enjoy that exceptional time with your families and friends, wherever you are...


CHRISTMAS in Polish kindergarten

Have a look at how we celebrate the Christmas time in our kindergarten...


Let`s have a look and enjoy...

Polish animal team members

There are members of animal project team, who stay in Poland: POLCIA (the white stork), NUTTY (the dormouse) and AMPHITRITE (sea turtle). They are all waiting for their friend from the USA.
What is that animal?

Nutty - the sweetiest dormouse in the world

Here she is!
Meet Nutty, the sweetiest dormouse in the entire world.
There are Polish children who take responsibility for her.
If they could, they would hugging her all day long...


Pippi Lands in Southwater!

Pippi the White Stork has arrived safely in Southwater. The children were very excited when she came, and all wanted to hold her. They are now busy finding out more about storks.


We study the Hudson River

Teachers and students from P.S. 3 study the Hudson River all year long. They go out to collect data about the river. One of the things they study is water temperature. Can you guess why? They are part of a larger environmental program from New York University.

Greetings from New York City!

Hello All,

Our students from P.S. 3 in NYC are sending their packages with our secret animal to you this week! I am posting a photo of the Hudson River which is very close to the school. Our animal lives in this habitat. This is the Hudson River Estuary. Can you guess what it might be?


Drawing our animals...

We decided while we are looking for more information about storks and dormice to draw them and the sea turtles!!We did our best!!


our eTwinning place in our class

We may be far away but we created a special place in our class where we exhibit your work as well. We are all friends, distant but friends!!!

Children from Greece gave a big hug to Curly from UK!!

Today, sweet little Curly also arrived in our class!We already adore him!!He is so small and so cute, all the children want to hug him all the timeThank you also for the informational material and your nice drawings!!!Tomorrow, we will bring chestnuts and hazelnuts to feed him and a basket to sleep!He is safe, don't worry!!

Pepe, our little stork, from Poland is welcomed in Greece!!

Today we received your parcel and you can't imagine how much we loved everything in there from Pepe, of course, to pencils, beautiful drawings, information..everything!!We are planning to make a nest for Pepe to feel at home. Don't worry we will take good care of him!!!


The Queen of the sea is in Poland!

Look! There is a Queen of the sea with us already!

Her name is Amphitrite.
It`s quite difficult for some of us to remember her name, but we will certainly manage that soon...

Welcome to Poland, Amphitrite!

Today we have spent an amazing day together.
Our teacher - Anna
told us something about Greece
and let us know some facts
from its history.
We saw your drawings and postcards. We were also listening to your songs.

They are all great!

One more thing -
the guess about a sea turtle was too easy for us:)

See you soon!


A Sea Turtle arrives in England!

We had lots of guesses about what animal would be arriving from Greece, but we didn't guess a Sea Turtle. He is very beautiful and his name is Poseidon. Wecome to England Poseidon!


Hello from Southwater Infant School

Get a Voki now!


What am I?

We are very excitied about the arrival of the storks from Poland and the turtles from Greece. Our animals are packing their bags and getting ready. In the meantime, here are some clues about what we are sending you!

Hello from England!

We are the Year 2 Class from Southwater Infant School. There are 29 of us.

Now it is your turn to look after our sweet storks...

We will miss our storks a lot, but it is your turn to look after them...

Polcia is going to stay with us for ever. Polo, Pepe and Pippi are prepairing for their journey.

They need lots of hugs every day. Don`t forget about that!!!


Polish children say HELLO!

Hello to all of you! Greetings from Polish children team! There are 23 of us, pleased with the fact that we work together with Greek, British and American friends...


The Greek Kindergarten class is being introduced!

Hello from the Greek team!We are 23 children at the age of five and we are going to do our best to protect our environment with our friends from UK and Poland!