Air pollution: a problem that we won't stand any more

These days we are talking about air pollution. Things start to become worse as time passes. Factories,cars, motorbikes have created a unbearable environment. What can we do? Is there any solution? We decided to make special masks and see how our life will be when we will be forced to wear masks like these in our everyday life. We didn't like it at all!!!

We also found a slogan to protest against air pollution: "Θέλουμε αέρα, αέρα καθαρό, θέλουμε οξυγόνο και γαλανό ουρανό" (theloume aera, aera katharo, theloume oxigono ke galano ourano). "We want air, clean air, we want oxygen and blue sky"

Then we went and informed the primary school's children about our protest and the effects of air pollution.