We want clean Bytomka!!!

That came a day when our group went for the demonstration concerning the Bytomka matter. As we had many lessons and discussions about its pollution and possible improvements, decided to take actions by demonstration in one of our city parks.

We took our banner with a sentence: "We want clean Bytomka" and shouted it during our walk through the park. Our faces were covered by protection masks so people seemed to be surprised because of our appearance.People have had a short description of our project and address of the project blog given as an invitation to common action for the environment improvement.
That day we have officially adopted the part of Bytomka river (Gosia holds the Adoption Certificate in the picture) as a part of "Adopt a river" programme.
What is more, kids and teachers were dressed in blue (to show the expected colour of the river). We were reading kids poems and singing songs about rivers and environmental issues there.

To know more about the "Adopt the river" programme - visit www.klubgaja.pl

To know more about Bytomka, its history and condition - visit www.rzeka.org blog - Polish version available only.