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Acid Rain

We looked at acid rain and what it is doing to our planet. We did an experiment to find out. We bought two plants, and watered one with water and one with acid rain. Look what happened...

This is the plant we watered with ordinary water. It is still very lovely after two weeks.

But look what has happened to our acid rain plant! If this is what acid rain is doing to the plants on our planet, what a terrible thing!

Our Acid Rain Experiment

Look at our videos of our experiment.

This is the plant we watered with ordinary water.

This is the plant we watered with acid rain.

Air Pollution

We have spent a lot of time talking about air pollution. We thought about different ways that we can be affected by air pollution.
We looked at the people in China who have to wear special masks to cycle in some cities because the air is so bad.

We like our masks and think they look very pretty...But we still think that we look better without them! Let's keep the air clean so we don't need to wear them!