Mission accomplished: dive to the bottom of the sea!

These days we talk a lot about sea pollution, we saw photos,videos, books and all these make us really sad. We decided to make a dive in a clean and in a polluted sea and talk about the differences. Then we decided to make two aquariums, a clean and a dirty one.In the dirty one, there was an accident. An oil tanker collided on a rock and created an oil slick. Fish and monk seals are dying,everything is polluted. While a sea turtle and an octapus have been caught in a fish net. People have thrown rubbish, bottles,papers etc....In the clean one, all the sea creatures are happy!Fish swim all around,dolphins make dives,corals are smiling,sea turtles and star-fish live hapilly!That's the sea we want to have!That's the sea we will try to have!Let's give breath and life to sea!!


What can you find at the bottom of the sea?

Today we took part in a submarine mission to meet some sea species and check the condition of the sea bottom. You would not believe what we have seen in there!
In some part of the sea there were beautiful fish and corals - the best place for living for our turtle - Amphitrite. In the other part of the sea there was nothing to admire apart from dead animals and people rubbish!!!
After going back from the sea bottom we made a special display to show you everything what we have seen today. Look.
ecological disaster

home for Amphitrite

fish and corals We were working very hard, especially during discussion about the reason of ecological disaster, but everything changed into the real pride when we saw the result...

Here you can see Weronika working with plasticine to make corals and plants...

And there is the whole team for the task. As you can see there is only a dozen of us, all other friends are recovering from the cold nowadays! Greetings for them!

Hugs for you all!


Our shells selection

Part of our selection

Today we brought at school different kind of shells,listened to the sea, and made notices. We hade a great time!

Saronic Gulf, the sea close to us!

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And these are drawings of Polish kids so that to compare clean and dirty sea and rivers...

Drawing a clean vs a polluted sea!

We talked about the sea the last week. We discussed about the pollution, we examined the ways that sea is polluted and we draw a clean and a polluted sea to make comparisons.We all want a clean sea where children can play hapilly and fish, turtles,whales and other sea creatures can live in a nice environment!



There was not the end of sea adventures for us!

Today we were searching for some treasures of the sea - scrabbling for them in a sea sand...
It was shocking what can be hidden in a sand, you know?
Kids- detectives wrote down every thing...

Look what they found...
pebbles, sea shells, sticks, cones, cocoa nut
(what? it is not possible to find a cocoa nut by the Polish sea shore!)

glasses, watch, shoes, door key, sock, string, plastic bag, glass and plastic bottles, tissue, plastic toy, hairgrip, hair brush, newspaper, 5 groszy coin
(ya, it`s possible to find it, really!)



As we are 600 kilometres far from the sea, we decided to go to the imaginary trip to the beach...
It was fabulous!
We were listening to the beach sounds of nature. There were also many holiday photographs to watch, so that we could have a discussion about the sea and beach pollution.

We were also talking about the good and bad behaviour at the beach.
So now we all know that we CAN: rest, have a sunbath and bath in the sea, build in the sand, and attend some sport games.

We are NOT ALLOWED to: shout there, leave the rubbish, make a water dirty...
Is that right?



The Bytomka river flows near our kindergarten and houses.
People do not care about this river a lot.
We want you to see what can happen if we do not keep the river clean enough...


The USA sturgeon!!

Before Christmas holidays, the sturgeon from USA arrived after a long journey with lots of cards and drawings!We were all very excited seeing the tall scyscrapers and the statue of Liberty!How is to live in so tall buildings guys? Now that all our friends are safe and sound in our class we are ready to discover what's going on and have started disappearing.Would you like to join us?Let's start with the sea!!!