"Clean your world" day

Our Team went outside of the kindergarten with special gloves for that to gather some rubbish. Not many people care about it and take the rubbish out anywhere, like people in Sky city did one day.
We understand the need of keeping it clean.

Give breath to Earth!!!

Poland also recycles

The whole Europe recycle, so as we do!
Polish kids had a special lesson reminding about the recycling matter...

All these rubbish smell disgusting!

Every kid knows that it is good to recycle rubbish. This small action gives us a great power and help to the Earth.

In the kindergarten we recycle compost, paper, plastic and glass with a help of coloured boxes. Colours are given for each kind of rubbish bins, the same in every place in Poland.
Blue bins are for paper:

Yellow ones are for plastic:

Green ones are for glass only.

Let`s all recycle!
Do not let the Earth end in the rubbish bin!!!