Let's All Recycle!

We have made recycling bins for our school. We can recycle lots of things here, but people do not always know where to put their rubbish. Our signs make it clear what should go in each bin. Now people are using the bins properly, and we can recycle lots more!

We can recycle glass.

We can recycle paper
We can compost our unwanted food.

We can recycle cans and tins.

We can recycle plastic.

We can recycle cardboard.
What can you recycle where you live?

"The Skycity" (a story created by the three schools)

This is the story we all made about a city, a very nice city where people lived hapilly. Unfortunately everything changed one day...
Here you can see the pictures we all drew and listen to our story in Greek, Polish and English!
Hope you enjoy!

For a better quality you can visit:http://voicethread.com/#u278580.b408545.i2160977

Here, the Greek children started the story and painted their part, then they sent their part to the Polish children, who continued the story and drew their pictures.In the same way they sent the two parts to the English children who finished the story. After uploading all the drawings, each school narrated our common story to their mother language!!
So, everybody can understand it! Isn't that a nice way of collaboration?