Once upon a time..

..there was a dormouse:Curly, a baby sea turtle:Poseidon, a stork:Pepe and a Sturgeon:Herman...these guys visited a Greek Nursery class and learnt them intersting things. Here you can see the greek version of a common scipt,created by the three schools,about our protected animals. This is the muppet show in greek language and we wait for the english and polish version as well!

Greek Day in Polish kindergarten

As Polish kids also received many gifts from Greek friends (which were brought to Poland by Mrs Irene - teacher from Greece)we decided to organize a Greek Day in our kindergarten. We played Greek music and tasted typical sweets. They were really yummy! Children were playing a sea board game as well. It was surprising to see the "Sky city " book in printed version! Many surprises in an exceptional Greek Day...
Thank you to all!