Mission accomplished: dive to the bottom of the sea!

These days we talk a lot about sea pollution, we saw photos,videos, books and all these make us really sad. We decided to make a dive in a clean and in a polluted sea and talk about the differences. Then we decided to make two aquariums, a clean and a dirty one.In the dirty one, there was an accident. An oil tanker collided on a rock and created an oil slick. Fish and monk seals are dying,everything is polluted. While a sea turtle and an octapus have been caught in a fish net. People have thrown rubbish, bottles,papers etc....In the clean one, all the sea creatures are happy!Fish swim all around,dolphins make dives,corals are smiling,sea turtles and star-fish live hapilly!That's the sea we want to have!That's the sea we will try to have!Let's give breath and life to sea!!