Let's Go Fly a Kite!

We have made kites to fly. On our kites we have written messages to tell people to take care of the air and stop polluting it.


Earth Day-28/3/2009 -20.30-21.30

Children vote for Earth, we all vote for Earth! Switch off your lights at Saturday 28/3, 20.30-21-30! We can all do it! We can have fun even without lights and pass our message to all. We have to give a Breath to Earth!!



Hi, Friends!

We finally finished a kite building. The shape is Greek, as you can see. Drawings are made by ourselves, of course... There is a beautiful spring meadow for which we are all waiting for:Now there is nothing else to do but to wait till our common "Flying kites Day" comes. Hope to have good weather conditions then:) So with a help of a great warm wind a kite will fly to the spring clean sky...Eagerly waiting...



To keep air possibly clean, people should remember that there are some products which pollute the atmosphere and those which do not. We can buy and use products with special symbols to reduce freons emission, prevent using animals for tests and many other matters...
These are small steps, but to help Earth to breath:)
Buy responsibly!


We are extremely happy to tell you that Herman - the sturgeon - after long long looooooong journey has finally arrived in Poland.
It is unbelievable how many offices and institutions he had to visit before they let him come to our kindergarten!
What is the most important - exceptional Herman is with us now...
We would like to give thanks to our friends from New York and their teachers for such nice gifts they sent to us!
Kisses and Hugs!


We have a surprise for our Polish friends!!!

We liked your song about clear water and tried to learn it too!It was a little difficult but we did our best!Please don't judge us too strictly :-)



We have no comments too..photos show how serious things are...



No comments...

Acid Rain

We looked at acid rain and what it is doing to our planet. We did an experiment to find out. We bought two plants, and watered one with water and one with acid rain. Look what happened...

This is the plant we watered with ordinary water. It is still very lovely after two weeks.

But look what has happened to our acid rain plant! If this is what acid rain is doing to the plants on our planet, what a terrible thing!

Our Acid Rain Experiment

Look at our videos of our experiment.

This is the plant we watered with ordinary water.

This is the plant we watered with acid rain.

Air Pollution

We have spent a lot of time talking about air pollution. We thought about different ways that we can be affected by air pollution.
We looked at the people in China who have to wear special masks to cycle in some cities because the air is so bad.

We like our masks and think they look very pretty...But we still think that we look better without them! Let's keep the air clean so we don't need to wear them!


When will we fly our kites??

Hello from Greece!!!Yesterday, we made our kite and draw many beautiful landscapes: forests,trees,gardens,sea,animals etc. We send you some photos to see the result!Now, we wait for you, our friends, to arrange day and time to fly our environmental kites on a clean blue sky!!!

We draw our kite altogether...

Our kite ready to fly!!!!

The clay kites we made at school as well.They can't fly but we really like them because they have happy faces!!



This is a short picture story telling about the topic of fumes reducing. As you surely know, it is a straight connection between the mains of transport that people use and amount of fumes going to the atmosphere. We had a nice play today concerning this matter. Look and see.


You can use a car. It is better to share a carpool with another people, but if you don`t, you produce great amount of fumes, just by yourself ...

You can replace a car into the bus. It`s not as comfortable as with car, but your emission of fumes is lower!
That`s also good idea to attend a tram way to the kindergarten or a work place. It works on the different type of energy then on fuels, so using trams or trains reduces fumes emission as well.

Look at here! Riding bicycles needs just a body energy. No fumes. Just pleasure... Wind in hair and nice views on the way...

At the end, the most pleasurable way of getting to the place you want. WALKING. What is more, if you choose a good friend to walk with, you won`t regret... Look at Martyna, she is so happy in this picture:)