Let's Play!

We have really enjoyed playing the games that we received from Greece and Poland. They are beautifully made, but also remind us about how to take care of our planet. Thankyou Poland - we have loved playing your game!

Games sharing

As all teams of project we also enjoyed making and playing environmental games!
This is a game which was made by us - it`s all about saving birds who are in danger!

We received this game from Greece - it`s called "Trip to Mediterranean" - about saving sea species!

Here we play game from UK. "Journey through the forest" helps us to learn about forest species protection!

Thankyou to all for such a fun!

Playing our board games..

Each school made a board game for the other two. The subject was environmental!We made a board game which is called: "Trip to the Mediterennean Sea"", and is about the protection of the sea.Here you can see the board game our friends from Poland sent to us and it's about the protection of birds:And the game our friends from U.K. sent to us. This is about forests protection:
We had a great time playing with them and we learnt or revised many interesting things about the environmental protection!