Kids from Poland, Greece and UK want to share their happy precious moments during EARTH HOUR 2009.

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We ordered wind for kites!

Dear Friends!

We were waiting for the "Flying Kites Day" for a long time.
Firstly, it was freezing cold which forced us to postpone the event.
This time we finally went to the park to announced the community some environmental advice. The weather was great and sun was shining as we expected, but there was almost no wind!!! Even that we decided to make some trials...
Were doing our best to help the kite fly. Running and shouting didn`t help at all. But it was really funny even that.
Everyone wanted to run with a kite, so that we spent a lot of time in the park. Too much time, we can say, because finally we all were late for kindergarten lunch:)

Do not worry, we got our food and it was really tasty. Kites were giving some advises for humans to follow if we want to give breath to Earth. To help people understand what we are going to say, we were giving our drawings and blog address to the people in park.

We all had a great joy! Need to fly a kite again soon. This time in the kindergarten garden...