It`s time to discuss the air pollution matter!
We were talking about causes of air pollution and some results of it like smog and acid rain...

Can you imagine that we have spent an hour wearing protection masks? It was all for that to realise that it is not even a little bit comfortable... Yeah, now we know that it certainly isn`t.
What is more, we even look strange and unrecognizable wearing those masks! Look...

Today we have learnt a new song concerned with a topic of clean air and clean water. The text says that children want to breath clean air instead of smog going from factories, and that they want to have a clean water. Clean water and air gives us a health which is necessary to enjoy our lifes. This is a refrain of a song: ("Czysta woda zdrowia doda, to każde dziecko wie. Czysta woda zdrowia doda Tobie, i Tobie, i mnie..." which means: "Clean water gives a health. Every kid knows that. Clean water gives a health for you, and you , and me").



Today we were talking about the water resources. We know how important is to save water for others. Do you realize that nowadays people on Earth use the same water which was drunk by dinosaurs millions of years ago? Next generations will use the same water which we use, so we should feel obliged not to spoil water resources.

We were discussing possible actions children can take to save water, as every drop of water is important to be saved. Look what we found out:

And this is our common poster which we made today all together:


*Re-use the water for watering houseplants or cleaning.
*Avoid leaks. Ask parents to check faucets and toilets and fix leaks.
*Use a low-flow toilet that requires less for flushing.
*Avoid flushing unnecessarily. Don`t use the toilet as a trash can.
*Take the quick shower, or use a short amount of water in bath.
*Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Don`t let water run while washing your face.


Air pollution: a problem that we won't stand any more

These days we are talking about air pollution. Things start to become worse as time passes. Factories,cars, motorbikes have created a unbearable environment. What can we do? Is there any solution? We decided to make special masks and see how our life will be when we will be forced to wear masks like these in our everyday life. We didn't like it at all!!!

We also found a slogan to protest against air pollution: "Θέλουμε αέρα, αέρα καθαρό, θέλουμε οξυγόνο και γαλανό ουρανό" (theloume aera, aera katharo, theloume oxigono ke galano ourano). "We want air, clean air, we want oxygen and blue sky"

Then we went and informed the primary school's children about our protest and the effects of air pollution.


GREECE-UK-POLAND vote for clean seas!!!


As our partners, we also made a poster which tell us how to behave by the sea. We noticed that if we behave correctly at the beach, we will save a sea as well.

So have a look at our poster.
And there is a short "explanation movie". Enjoy:)


Where would you rather live?

This is a polluted sea. The rubbish here makes it a bad place for sea creatures and plants to live.

This sea is clean. Sea creatures and plants grow and live happily here. Look - Poseidon has chosen to live here!

Making our aquariums

We had lots of fun making our sea aquariums.

We used shoe boxes for the aquariums.

We made sea creatures that might live there.

We made seaweed and coral too.

We added shells.

Sea Aquariums

What would you find in a good sea?

Lots of fish and shells.

Seaweed and happy sea creatures.

Beautiful coral.

Sea Posters

After we had looked and discussed why sea animals and plants are in danger, the children designed their own posters to tell people about how to look after our seas.

Good sea, Bad Sea!

We have talked about what a good sea and a bad sea might look like. We thought about polllution of the seas and rivers and how that might happen. What would happen to the animals and plants in a polluted sea or river? The children drew their ideas, one half showing a good sea and the other half showing a bad sea.


Ideas for water economy!

1. Water with a can not a hose
2. We don't leave the tap open when we don't use it
3. Wash the car or the balcony with a bucket not a hose
4. We prefer taking a shower than a bubble bath
5. We wash fruits and vegetables in a dishpan
6. We take care so as not to have water leaks
7. We use ecological household appliancesut
8.We don't pollute drinkable water springs

(click on the picture to view it in a larger window)


If I could change the world, I would paint the sea blue again!(title from a greek song)

We made a poster today with some advice about keeping the sea clean.It would be so nice to have all in mind that sea and Planet, in general depend on us...and we depend on them!!!