Our Project Helps England Get Another Award!

Southwater Infant School has just been awarded the International School Award! This is an award presented by the British Council to schools that have shown excellent international work. One of the activities that helped us to get the award was our project, Let's Give a Breath to Earth. Thankyou to everyone for helping us! This award is for you too!!


Poland plays and learns with Elements of Nature

Dear friends!
It was so sad for us to finish our eTwinning collaboration with "Let`s give a breath to Earth" that we decided to continue our exceptional work with a project for whole kindergarten kids!

We use main of the project ideas and many of its resources devided into four parts like in four elements of nature. So this year 165 children work with the project, which we called "Eko Żywioły" (what means: Eco Elements of Nature).
With a greatest pleasure we invite you to frequently visit our polish web page:

Many hugs! We wouldn`t do that without you all!


eTwinning display

There is a special place in our kindergarten which we like a lot. The place reminds us about our exceptional partners, our collaborative work and a resounding success which we achieved together with "Let`s give a breath to Earth" project.
It also gives others an opportunity to know our adventure better!

We won`t forget ever!
Give breath to Earth, you can make a difference!


European Quality Labels for Polish teachers

It is not needed to guess that Polish teachers also received European Quality Labels. That is wonderful confirmation of our collaborative work.

Thanks to all!


European Quality Label from England!

In England we also received our European Quality Label. Well done to everyone for their hard work throughout this project!


European Quality Label from Greece!

Congratulations to our wonderful team!It was a great year for all!Thank you!