Do not forget: VOTE EARTH!

"Earth Hour has done a lot to raise awareness of climate change issues. But there’s more to it than switching off lights for one hour once a year. It’s all about giving people a voice on the future of our planet, and the chance to send a message of hope to world leaders".
All of us, kids and adults, can vote by making a paper latern with a personal message to world leaders and send it to Copenhagen for the UN Climate Conference. In this way we can tell them why we want them to do something about global warming.
As it can be difficult to send it in time, your family can also make a virtual lattern which will be treated as your voice for the planet.
It’s fun, it’s creative and it lets kids have their say on the planet they’ll inherit.
The first latern is already done! Here you can see Marta`s one:

To make your own virtual latern - visit: http://www.earthhour.org/kids/MakeALantern.aspx

Organisers remind you: "As long as there is Earth, there will be Earth Hour! It’s held each year on the last Saturday in March. Which means the next Earth Hour event will be Saturday 27 March 2010. Mark it on your calendar now!"

Do not forget: VOTE EARTH!


We are in Top50 of eLearning Awards!

Dear Kids of project, Parents and Friends!
We are very happy to tell you that our "Let`s give a breath to Earth' project is shortlisted in Top 50 of this year eLearning Awards!
The eLearning Awards are organised by European Schoolnet (a network of 31 Ministries of Education) for that to acknowledge and highlight teachers and schools’ best practices in the pedagogical use of ICT.
A prize-giving ceremony for top 10 projects was held on 26-27 November 2009 in Vilnius, Lithuania. For more information, and the list of winners you can search: www.elearningawards.eun.org (pres and news)

Even we are not in Top 10, we enjoy the success!
We can call Top 50 achievement a success, my dear!


Our Project Helps England Get Another Award!

Southwater Infant School has just been awarded the International School Award! This is an award presented by the British Council to schools that have shown excellent international work. One of the activities that helped us to get the award was our project, Let's Give a Breath to Earth. Thankyou to everyone for helping us! This award is for you too!!


Poland plays and learns with Elements of Nature

Dear friends!
It was so sad for us to finish our eTwinning collaboration with "Let`s give a breath to Earth" that we decided to continue our exceptional work with a project for whole kindergarten kids!

We use main of the project ideas and many of its resources devided into four parts like in four elements of nature. So this year 165 children work with the project, which we called "Eko Żywioły" (what means: Eco Elements of Nature).
With a greatest pleasure we invite you to frequently visit our polish web page:

Many hugs! We wouldn`t do that without you all!


eTwinning display

There is a special place in our kindergarten which we like a lot. The place reminds us about our exceptional partners, our collaborative work and a resounding success which we achieved together with "Let`s give a breath to Earth" project.
It also gives others an opportunity to know our adventure better!

We won`t forget ever!
Give breath to Earth, you can make a difference!


European Quality Labels for Polish teachers

It is not needed to guess that Polish teachers also received European Quality Labels. That is wonderful confirmation of our collaborative work.

Thanks to all!


European Quality Label from England!

In England we also received our European Quality Label. Well done to everyone for their hard work throughout this project!


European Quality Label from Greece!

Congratulations to our wonderful team!It was a great year for all!Thank you!


Outcomes of our project...

Although our project is over I would like to share with you a picture and a video that show how our environmental project affected children in a good way! Spyros, found by chance eggs of a sea turtle in Lefkada, during his summer holidays. With his father help, they moved away all the chairs and umbrellas from the beach and helped baby turtles to find their way to the sea.



Dear friends, fans and visitors! Children from Poland, Greece and England want to sing a song of "Let`s give a breath to Earth" project. Lyrics of the song are a combination of project title made in three languages. Here you can hear every group of kids singing the same song: "GIVE BREATH TO EARTH!"


Quality label from the UK

Another sign of our success. The quality label from the UK. Well done to all.


Quality Labels for Polish teachers

Without any hestitation but with pride we present Quality Labels for Polish teachers involved in our project:

Nothing could be possible without our project partners! Thank you!

Greek Quality Label for our project!

Congratulations to all for once more!!!


2nd place for the best blog in Greece

We took part in the National contest for the best blog that Greek NSS organized and we took the second prize for the greek version of our blog, that contains all our uploadings here translated in greek, in the kindergarten/primary schools category. Congratulations to all!!

During our summer presentation children received their certificates for our prize!We had the honour to have with us Mrs Aggelopoulou, the head of the 3rd Office of Primary Education in the D Region of Athens. She congratulated the children for the great work they've done and awarded the prizes to the children!Here you can see a video:


UK Etwinning Award for 3rd Place!

Great news for everyone! The UK awards ceremony for etwinning was held this weekend, and our project was given 3rd place! This is a fantastic achievement and recognition of all our hard work. Well done everyone!

Goodbye and Thankyou to All

Goodbye to our friends in Greece and Poland. We have had such fun this year, and we have learned a great deal from working with you. Thankyou to everyone who made our project such a success. We wish you all the best in the future.

Goodbye, our international friends! Goodbye our exceptional project!

Polish presentation of a whole project work, available in Polish version:)
We would like to thank all people, in Poland and in the world, who supported us in project work. We will miss you all a lot! And we won`t forget ever...
Enjoy the summer time!

Prezentacja dzialań podjętych w czasie projektu "Let`s give breath to Earth".
Chcemy podziękować wszystkim tym, którzy wspierali nas w jego realizacji.
Dziękujemy! Będziemy za wami tęsknić! I nigdy tej wspólnej przygody nie zapomnimy!
Milych wakacji!

Goodbye to all!

Our project came to an end. We presented our work to our parents and they were all impressed.Here you can see the video presentation in greek!

We will miss you!Thank you very very much for the nice moments we've spent together! We shared the same journey and this journey unfortunately comes to an end!!!Have a nice summer our friends!!!


Scenes from our environmental play!

Introduction with the songs:"We are all dust in the wind..." and "I'm turning my back to the future, the future you make it as you want, as history belongs to you, destroy the future, what are you waiting for?I don't believe in promises, I have seen what you are doing, don't make me crazy. The ship of my dreams takes me to places you can't stand. I stay alone to the present to save what it can be saved..."

The Nature court has to find out what's going wrong with Planet Earth! Wind, Sea, Rain and a parrot, representative of animals talk about the problems they face due to pollution!The solution?Small children can make the difference and give a breath to earth!

"Nothing belogs to us we borrowed everything from our children" a song from all children. At the end we sing our common song with our friends from Poland and UK!


Let's Play!

We have really enjoyed playing the games that we received from Greece and Poland. They are beautifully made, but also remind us about how to take care of our planet. Thankyou Poland - we have loved playing your game!

Games sharing

As all teams of project we also enjoyed making and playing environmental games!
This is a game which was made by us - it`s all about saving birds who are in danger!

We received this game from Greece - it`s called "Trip to Mediterranean" - about saving sea species!

Here we play game from UK. "Journey through the forest" helps us to learn about forest species protection!

Thankyou to all for such a fun!

Playing our board games..

Each school made a board game for the other two. The subject was environmental!We made a board game which is called: "Trip to the Mediterennean Sea"", and is about the protection of the sea.Here you can see the board game our friends from Poland sent to us and it's about the protection of birds:And the game our friends from U.K. sent to us. This is about forests protection:
We had a great time playing with them and we learnt or revised many interesting things about the environmental protection!


Polish kids on the Forest Educational Path

On Tuesday 9th our team visited an Educational Path which is devided to the Forest live and creatures.
We enjoyed all surprises on the path like bee yards, ponds, places for feeding animals and many others. It was also the great possibility to come into the special room where we could touch the animals` figures and its fur, listen to the songs about them and meet forester...
It was a beautiful sunny day! We would like to share with you some pictures of that day...

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook:
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Land Animals in Danger

The children in England would like to share some of the land animals that are in danger.

Birds in Danger

We present you some of the birds that are in danger of extinction in Poland, Europe, World...

Sea Animals in Danger

Coming to an end, we decided to present to you the animals that are in danger. In Greece, we are presenting you some of the sea animals that face the danger of extinction:


"Give breath to Earth" performance in Polish version

With a greatest pleasure we share a Polish version of environmental video.
You can hear the message given by Polcia, Amfitryta, Nutty and Herman...

Our Play

Here is the English version of the play using the common script. Here Poseidon, Pippi, Sleepy and Herman tell the story...


Once upon a time..

..there was a dormouse:Curly, a baby sea turtle:Poseidon, a stork:Pepe and a Sturgeon:Herman...these guys visited a Greek Nursery class and learnt them intersting things. Here you can see the greek version of a common scipt,created by the three schools,about our protected animals. This is the muppet show in greek language and we wait for the english and polish version as well!

Greek Day in Polish kindergarten

As Polish kids also received many gifts from Greek friends (which were brought to Poland by Mrs Irene - teacher from Greece)we decided to organize a Greek Day in our kindergarten. We played Greek music and tasted typical sweets. They were really yummy! Children were playing a sea board game as well. It was surprising to see the "Sky city " book in printed version! Many surprises in an exceptional Greek Day...
Thank you to all!


PDW Warsaw

Going back to the exceptional time of Profesional Development Workshop which took place in Warsaw in May this year - we would like to share some pictures from the meeting. Some people can notice that it is the first time Mrs Anna from Poland and Irene from Greece appear on this blog. We promise we will try for that to be also the last time:)

Greetings to all participants of PDW!


Planting our Seeds

We have made a special place for our international garden. We have split the garden into three - one part for English seeds, one part for Polish seeds and one part for Greek seeds. We planted and watered the seeds. Now we are excited to see what will grow!


Visit to Archelon (www.archelon.gr)

Yesterday we visited Archelon, the only hospital for injured sea turtles Caretta-Caretta in Greece. The centre is close to the sea, weather was sunny and hot and we had a great time although we became sad when we learnt about the way sea turtles are injured and visit five injured sea turtles.here you can enjoy some photos of our visit!


Look how our plants have grown!

Here you can take a look of how our plants grow...
We are really excited to watch them grow day by day!!!

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For that to help our Polish friends understand the importance of greenery, we made few Polish signs to put in our garden. Everybody should remember not to spoil trees` leaves and branches, to respect grass and flowers border. what is more, we all should know where to put rubbish...
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As Polish kids also received seeds from their Greek and English friends, they decided to organize an international plantation of flowers... Kids filled pots with soil and put seeds into those. Everything with a great joy and passion. Now, we all eagerly wait to see how it grows...


A big "thank you" to our Polish friends

Our teacher, Mrs Irene, visited Warsaw,Poland between 15-17 May in order to attend an eTwinning workshop. There, it had the chance to meet Mrs Anna, the Polish teacher.Our friends from Poland sent us nice presents for us(candies-balloons-drawings) and we would like to say a big thank you with a small video!Hope we meet each other one day, as our teachers did!


Planting polish and english seeds

The three schools decided to exchange seeds of flowers that grow in our country. In that way we wanted to see if seeds can grow in another place. Some of the flowers exist in our country so we believe that they will grow well.Here you can see some photos of us planting the polish seeds:

And here you can see photos of us planting the english seeds:


How to behave in the forest.

In the UK we have the Forestry Commission. They are responsible for taking care of our forests and woodlands. They have a set of rules about how to behave in a forest. We used these to make our poster.


The Story of Skycity

The children in all three schools have worked together to write a story for our project. Children from Greece began the story, children from Poland wrote the middle of the story, and the children from England ended the story. The children drew the pictures to go with their part of the story. Our story is called 'The story of Skycity'. We hope you enjoy it!

Add Video

Our Forest Pictures

We drew pictures showing happy, healthy forests on one side, and unhappy destroyed forests on the other. Don't let this happen to our forests! Take care of them and remember how to look after them.


Our forest poster...

Here you can see some information for keeping the forests green and safe!

And now, you can see a video so as to take a closer look to our instructions:

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Forests green not black....

Forests are improtant for being healthy, for breathing oxygen. Last years, Greece suffered from forest fires, something that nobody wants to remember.In our drawings, you can see how nice forest is when it's green and how bad it looks when it's burnt...

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Forest drawings
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How to behave in the forest?

Project teams decided to draw posters about a proper behaviour in the forest. This is a Polish poster picture: And here you can see a movie explanation for that to have it better:

SOS for forests

Every of us know how important is to save forests. Trees offer us oxygen.They use water so they help stop floods. What is more, forest are shelters to many animals. It is obvious that we all should protect them.
Kids were talking about all forest`s importance and it`s future (which doesn`t look bright if humans still turn forest into fields or use trees for paper). They drew nice pictures showing jungle, cutted down areas and these which were destroyed by fire setting...



The three schools decided to make a kind of advertisement for the protection of forests. We decided on the text,each class made its videos and then we connected all the videos and made one in three languages, english,polish and greek. Everyone collaborated for this work and here you can see the result:

Will you help us protect forests?


Our visit in the place of segregation and recycling

On Tuesday, 5th of May, our Team had an opportunity to visit a place of rubbish segregation and recycling in Zabrze. We saw some typical places in there where plastic and paper is collected and segregated, soil is made from the grass and leaves, and electronical staff or batteries are collected.
We realized how hard is the work of people working in such a place. What is more, we saw what we can really receive from rubbish instead of throwing it into municipal waste dump.
Have a look...

TOYS FROM RUBBISH - Family competition in Poland

Here you can see toys made in a family competition we organized in Poland. Surprising, how much other staff it is possible to make from rubbish we usually thow out! Everyone is surprised... Congratulations to all!

Results (Adults Awards) are not announced yet - kids and their parents need to wait till 6th of June (we will have our fun fair then). In the deepest secret we can tell you that kindergarten kids also voted for their Kids Award. Winners are: Oskar (with his "Spider"), Pawel (with his "Spacecraft") and Vanessa ("Pram"). Congratulations! Now, we are eagerly waiting for the UK toys to vote for International Kids Awards!


Contest with objects by recycling materials!

The three schools decided to organize a contest with crafts made by recycling materials. Here you can see the photos of the greek contest. Children, with their parents' help made magnificent crafts, don't you think so? We are waiting for your photos and we have an idea!!!Would you like to vote for the best three crafts from all three schools?

This song says that's there is still time to change the world, come with us, it's our turn now...




Rubbish Sentence!!

Here in Greece, we had to write the word "Breath" for our rubbish sentence. The weather was windy and our work difficult, that's why we don't have many photos of the making of!!



As you already know, Greek, British and Polish children collaborate efectively for that to create many things connected to the project.
These days all teams were making the "Rubbish project sentence" by giving the shape of words from the rubbish they had collected before.
You will see the effect of this common work soon.
But before that - have a look at how Polish kids were doing their part: "to Earth" words...