UK Etwinning Award for 3rd Place!

Great news for everyone! The UK awards ceremony for etwinning was held this weekend, and our project was given 3rd place! This is a fantastic achievement and recognition of all our hard work. Well done everyone!

Goodbye and Thankyou to All

Goodbye to our friends in Greece and Poland. We have had such fun this year, and we have learned a great deal from working with you. Thankyou to everyone who made our project such a success. We wish you all the best in the future.

Goodbye, our international friends! Goodbye our exceptional project!

Polish presentation of a whole project work, available in Polish version:)
We would like to thank all people, in Poland and in the world, who supported us in project work. We will miss you all a lot! And we won`t forget ever...
Enjoy the summer time!

Prezentacja dzialań podjętych w czasie projektu "Let`s give breath to Earth".
Chcemy podziękować wszystkim tym, którzy wspierali nas w jego realizacji.
Dziękujemy! Będziemy za wami tęsknić! I nigdy tej wspólnej przygody nie zapomnimy!
Milych wakacji!

Goodbye to all!

Our project came to an end. We presented our work to our parents and they were all impressed.Here you can see the video presentation in greek!

We will miss you!Thank you very very much for the nice moments we've spent together! We shared the same journey and this journey unfortunately comes to an end!!!Have a nice summer our friends!!!