Let`s play this game together!

This is our version of the game:
Wordle: give breath
For that to let everybody understand...

Air Pollution-what comes in our mind?

We played a game with the children, we tried to find words that come in our mind when we listen the words "air pollution". Then we create something like a poster in english and in greek with the words using the web tool: http://www.wordle.net/ . It's really funny, you can use it too if you want!!

Wordle: air pollution Wordle: greek air pollution

Our kite flight!

Hello from Greece!
We tried to flight our kite too. The day was sunny but not quite windy! We tried a lot but unfortunately our kite couldn't fly!We will try again and if we manage to fly it we will send you our photos!However, we sent our environmental messages to the primary school's children who read what we have written in our kite..