What can you find at the bottom of the sea?

Today we took part in a submarine mission to meet some sea species and check the condition of the sea bottom. You would not believe what we have seen in there!
In some part of the sea there were beautiful fish and corals - the best place for living for our turtle - Amphitrite. In the other part of the sea there was nothing to admire apart from dead animals and people rubbish!!!
After going back from the sea bottom we made a special display to show you everything what we have seen today. Look.
ecological disaster

home for Amphitrite

fish and corals We were working very hard, especially during discussion about the reason of ecological disaster, but everything changed into the real pride when we saw the result...

Here you can see Weronika working with plasticine to make corals and plants...

And there is the whole team for the task. As you can see there is only a dozen of us, all other friends are recovering from the cold nowadays! Greetings for them!

Hugs for you all!