It`s time to discuss the air pollution matter!
We were talking about causes of air pollution and some results of it like smog and acid rain...

Can you imagine that we have spent an hour wearing protection masks? It was all for that to realise that it is not even a little bit comfortable... Yeah, now we know that it certainly isn`t.
What is more, we even look strange and unrecognizable wearing those masks! Look...

Today we have learnt a new song concerned with a topic of clean air and clean water. The text says that children want to breath clean air instead of smog going from factories, and that they want to have a clean water. Clean water and air gives us a health which is necessary to enjoy our lifes. This is a refrain of a song: ("Czysta woda zdrowia doda, to ka┼╝de dziecko wie. Czysta woda zdrowia doda Tobie, i Tobie, i mnie..." which means: "Clean water gives a health. Every kid knows that. Clean water gives a health for you, and you , and me").