"Clean your world" day

Our Team went outside of the kindergarten with special gloves for that to gather some rubbish. Not many people care about it and take the rubbish out anywhere, like people in Sky city did one day.
We understand the need of keeping it clean.

Give breath to Earth!!!

Poland also recycles

The whole Europe recycle, so as we do!
Polish kids had a special lesson reminding about the recycling matter...

All these rubbish smell disgusting!

Every kid knows that it is good to recycle rubbish. This small action gives us a great power and help to the Earth.

In the kindergarten we recycle compost, paper, plastic and glass with a help of coloured boxes. Colours are given for each kind of rubbish bins, the same in every place in Poland.
Blue bins are for paper:

Yellow ones are for plastic:

Green ones are for glass only.

Let`s all recycle!
Do not let the Earth end in the rubbish bin!!!


We are recycling too here in Greece!!!

We made 4 recycling bins for plastic-glass-aluminium and paper. In our school, we already use a bin for recycling batteries!

P.S. if you press the sound icon(up left), you can hear music during the slideshow


Let's All Recycle!

We have made recycling bins for our school. We can recycle lots of things here, but people do not always know where to put their rubbish. Our signs make it clear what should go in each bin. Now people are using the bins properly, and we can recycle lots more!

We can recycle glass.

We can recycle paper
We can compost our unwanted food.

We can recycle cans and tins.

We can recycle plastic.

We can recycle cardboard.
What can you recycle where you live?

"The Skycity" (a story created by the three schools)

This is the story we all made about a city, a very nice city where people lived hapilly. Unfortunately everything changed one day...
Here you can see the pictures we all drew and listen to our story in Greek, Polish and English!
Hope you enjoy!

For a better quality you can visit:http://voicethread.com/#u278580.b408545.i2160977

Here, the Greek children started the story and painted their part, then they sent their part to the Polish children, who continued the story and drew their pictures.In the same way they sent the two parts to the English children who finished the story. After uploading all the drawings, each school narrated our common story to their mother language!!
So, everybody can understand it! Isn't that a nice way of collaboration?


Our Birdwatcher meeting

There are our photos from the meeting we had at the beginning of April.
A lady, who is a birdwatcher, gave us many interesting details about birds lifes.

We all expect some bird species oncoming on Spring time...
If you also want to be a birdwatcher kid - visit: www.springalive.net.
It is available in your language as well!


Competition winners

We would like to invite you to read our web magazine article where we intruduce the winners of rhyming competition.
As we are very proud of our kids and beautiful poems they wrote with parents, there is nothing else to do, but to thank all of them and our City Council for the help with the Competition organization!

Enjoy with us the Green Day we had!



We wish you all precious moments of Easter time!!!

See you soon, back at school!


We wish you a Happy Easter!Have a nice time!!!Today our holidays begin...we will be back in two weeks!!We have already prepared some of the common activities we decided and will upload them soon!!! We sent you a small video with Easter pictures from Greece!!!


We want clean Bytomka!!!

That came a day when our group went for the demonstration concerning the Bytomka matter. As we had many lessons and discussions about its pollution and possible improvements, decided to take actions by demonstration in one of our city parks.

We took our banner with a sentence: "We want clean Bytomka" and shouted it during our walk through the park. Our faces were covered by protection masks so people seemed to be surprised because of our appearance.People have had a short description of our project and address of the project blog given as an invitation to common action for the environment improvement.
That day we have officially adopted the part of Bytomka river (Gosia holds the Adoption Certificate in the picture) as a part of "Adopt a river" programme.
What is more, kids and teachers were dressed in blue (to show the expected colour of the river). We were reading kids poems and singing songs about rivers and environmental issues there.

To know more about the "Adopt the river" programme - visit www.klubgaja.pl

To know more about Bytomka, its history and condition - visit www.rzeka.org blog - Polish version available only.



Kids from Poland, Greece and UK want to share their happy precious moments during EARTH HOUR 2009.

If you are more interested in how kids can vote for Earth, visit the web side: www.earthhourkids.org
Vote for Earth!

We ordered wind for kites!

Dear Friends!

We were waiting for the "Flying Kites Day" for a long time.
Firstly, it was freezing cold which forced us to postpone the event.
This time we finally went to the park to announced the community some environmental advice. The weather was great and sun was shining as we expected, but there was almost no wind!!! Even that we decided to make some trials...
Were doing our best to help the kite fly. Running and shouting didn`t help at all. But it was really funny even that.
Everyone wanted to run with a kite, so that we spent a lot of time in the park. Too much time, we can say, because finally we all were late for kindergarten lunch:)

Do not worry, we got our food and it was really tasty. Kites were giving some advises for humans to follow if we want to give breath to Earth. To help people understand what we are going to say, we were giving our drawings and blog address to the people in park.

We all had a great joy! Need to fly a kite again soon. This time in the kindergarten garden...



No worries, we can also participate in this kind of game. With the greatest pleasure we invite you to watch the "Guardians of Earth" movie ...


Another game for you!!!

Would you like to make your own movie?If yes, let us know!We made a try!


Let`s play this game together!

This is our version of the game:
Wordle: give breath
For that to let everybody understand...

Air Pollution-what comes in our mind?

We played a game with the children, we tried to find words that come in our mind when we listen the words "air pollution". Then we create something like a poster in english and in greek with the words using the web tool: http://www.wordle.net/ . It's really funny, you can use it too if you want!!

Wordle: air pollution Wordle: greek air pollution

Our kite flight!

Hello from Greece!
We tried to flight our kite too. The day was sunny but not quite windy! We tried a lot but unfortunately our kite couldn't fly!We will try again and if we manage to fly it we will send you our photos!However, we sent our environmental messages to the primary school's children who read what we have written in our kite..