This is a short picture story telling about the topic of fumes reducing. As you surely know, it is a straight connection between the mains of transport that people use and amount of fumes going to the atmosphere. We had a nice play today concerning this matter. Look and see.


You can use a car. It is better to share a carpool with another people, but if you don`t, you produce great amount of fumes, just by yourself ...

You can replace a car into the bus. It`s not as comfortable as with car, but your emission of fumes is lower!
That`s also good idea to attend a tram way to the kindergarten or a work place. It works on the different type of energy then on fuels, so using trams or trains reduces fumes emission as well.

Look at here! Riding bicycles needs just a body energy. No fumes. Just pleasure... Wind in hair and nice views on the way...

At the end, the most pleasurable way of getting to the place you want. WALKING. What is more, if you choose a good friend to walk with, you won`t regret... Look at Martyna, she is so happy in this picture:)