Where would you rather live?

This is a polluted sea. The rubbish here makes it a bad place for sea creatures and plants to live.

This sea is clean. Sea creatures and plants grow and live happily here. Look - Poseidon has chosen to live here!

Making our aquariums

We had lots of fun making our sea aquariums.

We used shoe boxes for the aquariums.

We made sea creatures that might live there.

We made seaweed and coral too.

We added shells.

Sea Aquariums

What would you find in a good sea?

Lots of fish and shells.

Seaweed and happy sea creatures.

Beautiful coral.

Sea Posters

After we had looked and discussed why sea animals and plants are in danger, the children designed their own posters to tell people about how to look after our seas.

Good sea, Bad Sea!

We have talked about what a good sea and a bad sea might look like. We thought about polllution of the seas and rivers and how that might happen. What would happen to the animals and plants in a polluted sea or river? The children drew their ideas, one half showing a good sea and the other half showing a bad sea.